We are a family of six living outside of Portland, Oregon on just shy of one acre of land.  We love to grow our own food, cook and bake, craft and create.
We are always learning, expanding and evolving and this is a place we will share our trials and tribulations.

My husband is Jason, and he is our craftsman, tinkerer, fixer of any and all things and makes me the coolest stuff whenever I start “busy braining”.  He provides for our family and enables me to be home with our children.  I’m pretty much the luckiest woman alive because of this man and I try and make sure he knows that (with good food). 😉  Nicholas is our oldest, and he has the claimed the tractor and trailer for himself.  He has also claimed the grill and has become our master bbq-er (and he’s damn good at it too!).  He is guaranteed to make us laugh and always makes any task fun (with his witty comments).   Madison is our oldest daughter and I like to think of her as our cupcake star!  This girl can bake anything vegan and she blows my baking skills out of the water.  She’s also quietly fighting Nicholas for tractor master…well, at least for the driving people around in the trailer for fun, part.  Olivia is our earth loving, animal rescuing, acrobatics girl!  If you see her, she’s either flipping around the yard, or she and I are working together to rescue frogs from the pool.  I think we counted 16 one day.  She’s my nature girl and we happily spend hours together getting dirty (or slimey depending on the task at hand).  Avery is our youngest.  She is the first one up in the morning and always helping with whatever we need.  She’s going to be our next tinkerer, and start taking over Dad’s duties, I can tell.  When she was 2 she asked for a drill and a vacuum for her birthday.  This girl is all about figuring things out and wanting to know the mechanics behind everything.  She’s what I call a button pusher (like her dad and brother). 😉  My name is Amanda, and I’m the mother, teacher, chef, chauffeur, lover, helper, hairstylist, coach, mentor, doctor and whatever else I may need to be at any given time.  I home school our children and also spend a lot of my time playing in the garden and taking photos.

Our children and some of our furry children.


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We have spent the majority of our marriage moving around, and finally settled back in Oregon, where I was born and mostly raised.  We have spent the past several years looking for land, a place to spread our wings, so to speak, and finally found our home in Spring of 2015.  We moved in in August and haven’t looked back since.  The home sat abandoned for several years and was apparently quite the mess, now that I look back at photos, but we didn’t see it at the time.  We saw the bones and the potential and fell completely in love.  After spending the first month moving out all the insect critters and claiming the home for ourselves, we settled in quite nicely.  We are backed to a beautiful small lake and have a nice large plot for our garden.  We are nestled in the valley and are surrounded by vineyards and evergreens.  I would say it feels like a vacation, living here, except the workload reminds me constantly that we are not on vacation. 😉  Anyway, we hope you will take some time to look through our posts and see some of the projects we have done since we moved in here.  So many adventures!   Be sure to keep checking back as we will be updating weekly.

Jason and I a few years ago.  Still one of my favorite pics of us, ever. <3

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