I had never heard the term “dry brushing” until a few years ago.  When I first heard it I thought, ah, just another crazy gimmick to get me to purchase something from the internet that I’ll be convinced I need, but never use.  I avoided the idea for a long time, until I really delved into the “why” and “how” and the list of amazing benefits from doing it.  At this point, I dry brush 4-5 times a week and I can not imagine ever not dry brushing again.  It feels SO good!

What is dry brushing?  It’s basically brushing your skin with a special brush made for your body (there are ones for your face as well).   Why dry brush?  For many reasons.  First of all, many of us spend a lot of time taking care of our faces, exfoliating, moisturizing, special treatments, but how many of us are doing anything special for our body, besides scrubbing it in the shower?  Not many.  Dry brushing is taking care of your skin, but on a whole new level.

Think about it, our skin is the largest organ of our body.  We focus on detoxing our livers, cleansing our colons, the list goes on, but the organ that takes a brunt of wear and tear, our skin, is neglected, or at the very least, only given minimal care.  Dry brushing is a way to nurture your largest organ, from the outside in (obviously drinking plenty of water, moisturizing, and cleansing our skin are also important).

Being vegan, I discovered that finding a plant based dry brush was more difficult than I had anticipated.  Most brushes out there are made with boars hair.  Amazon to the rescue, I found a company who sells only plant based brushes!  These are the ones I purchased, and I love them (and they were very inexpensive)!  They have been working wonderfully!

Face Brushes and Skin Brush.


Benefits of dry brushing:

  1. It stimulates your lymphatic system.  We’ve all heard of lymph nodes, and have sometimes felt them when they’re swollen.  Our bodies have hundreds of miles of “tubes” connecting the lymph system to our blood.  In order to cleanse the body, the toxins that build up in our lymph system needs to be moved through and to the blood in order for our bodies to eliminate them.  Great ways to purify the lymph system is to stimulate it through external stimulation or through movement.  Of course, drinking plenty of water and reducing toxins is also beneficial to keeping your lymphatic system healthy.  When our system is not healthy, or congested, we end up sick.
  2. Exfoliation.  When we brush our skin, we remove the dry skin that causes our skin to look and feel unhealthy.  We also remove the skin that would otherwise clog our pores.
  3. Cellulite reduction.  The stimulation created by dry brushing can help distribute the fatty deposits in our body more evenly, thus giving our skin a more even appearance.  Stimulating the skin also increases blood flow which in turn, gives the skin a more plump appearance.  While this may be a temporary fix, regular dry brushing will help the overall look and feel of the skin.
  4. Increased circulation.  Again, the more circulation, the more toxins are being moved and the more blood flow to the area.
  5. It feels good!  Not only does it feel refreshing, dry brushing is relaxing!

How to:

  1. Dry brush at least a 2-3 times a week.
  2. Dry brush before showering.
  3. Do not use oils or lotions while dry brushing.
  4. Brush in and towards your heart and in the ways that benefit the movement through the lymphatic system (body maps below are helpful and there are great videos on youtube for demonstrations).
  5. Enjoy!



Dry Brushing
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