We have been using homemade cleaners for a couple years now and I will never go back to any store bought brand again.  It’s as simple as placing orange peels in a jar, filling the jar to the top with white vinegar, letting it sit in the windowsill for a couple weeks, and there you go, an all purpose cleaner that does the job of every other cleaner and then some.  Add some baking soda to the sink or tub first, spray some of your homemade cleaner, and now you have your bubbly abrasive cleanser.


I have also been using coconut oil as my moisturizer, makeup remover, oil puller (you can read about that here), primary deodorant ingredient (recipe here), and more.  We have cut back on our purchasing of unnecessary cleaners and this site I ran across today has even broadened the list for me!

Please visit this site and check out all of the amazing ways you can use the things you likely already have in your home, in place of the toxin filled, animal tested chemicals from the stores.  Once you start transitioning to cleaner, greener, cleaning methods, you’ll never go back (especially when you smell traditional cleaners being used elsewhere…it’ll make you wonder why you subjected your body to it for so many years).

Here is the chart they have on their site as well, but be sure to visit so you can use some of the links for alternatives they have listed!  Healthy Holistic Living !!!




Save Money and the Environment!
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